Rewrite history: take

Moreirense and Chaves ended their respective I Liga and II Liga campaigns in different ways. In Moreira de Cónegos, the atmosphere was festive after having guaranteed his presence in the jump-off. In Vila do Conde, the Flavians found themselves defeated and without the possibility of going up directly. Now both have a chance to rewrite history and achieve goals that eluded the former.

On the Minho side, the big doubt is the presence of Ricardo Sá Pinto on the bench. The coach ended the last game in ecstasy, went overboard with celebrations and was punished. Your presence on the bench during this barrage is at risk. In terms of tactics, the absence is not worth much, but it is certain that having the coach on the bench, even for a player like Sá Pinto, is an important factor. André Luís is back on options, having served his sentence.

For Vítor Campelos, the only headache is the absence of Luís Rocha, expelled in the last round of the championship. The central and captain is a key element of the defense who will try to get out of this first leg without suffering in order to dream of going up in division. Otherwise, few changes are to be expected, as has been the case throughout the season.

Last season’s play-off between Arouca and Rio Ave can serve as inspiration and learning for these two teams. After a very enlightening first game, the team then battling in the Second Division showed that the gaps were few and built an advantage that left the doors of the Premier League wide open.

Chaves will want to repeat the feat, Moreirense will prevent it from happening again. The first leg can set the pace for the play-offs.

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