Ricardo Soares confirms Samuel Lino in the At. Madrid for 6.5 million

Gil Vicente’s coach Ricardo Soares has confirmed that Samuel Lino will join Atletico Madrid at the end of the season for €6.5million.

In an interview with Channel 11the coach added that the gilistas keep 20% of the 22-year-old Brazilian player’s pass.

The Roosters coach assumed there were ‘big clubs’ who tried to enter the race for the player ‘but they came too late’.

“Atletico Madrid have a higher financial potential than the big clubs here in Portugal. These are values ​​that are much higher than what the Portuguese clubs pay. I can’t believe that the big clubs haven’t seen the competence of Samuel Lino”, he underlined.

“Gil did an amazing job because those clubs might want the player straight away, in January and they weren’t ready to let him go. [ficar]. I gave my opinion, I said: ‘it’s not good that the kid is leaving, he’s in a favorable context, don’t worry, they will have this value’. The At. Madrid are doing a lot and I’m sure the future will prove me right. They didn’t want to wait, they wanted to go deep for him and grabbed him. They realized that there was a talent there. It was good for the club and I’m happy for him, he’s made a qualitative leap in his career, which is well deserved.”

Samuel Lino was one of the biggest highlights for Gil Vicente, who would finish the championship in fifth place, in the European zone. The Brazilian winger arrived at Barcelos in 2019 from São Bernardo. During the current season, he has participated in 37 matches, during which he has scored 14 goals and even provided five assists.

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