“Ronaldo will see this as a lack of respect and will serve as fuel for him”


Rio Ferdinand reacts to the Portuguese ace’s absence from the list of Premier League Player of the Year nominees.

Rio Ferdinand, a former English central defender who shone at Manchester United, was surprised that Ronaldo was not among the eight candidates for the title of best player in the current edition of the Premier League, questioning the presence of Saka, Arsenal player.

“Is Saka among the nominees for player of the year? I would never have bet on him rather than Ronaldo. No, not at the moment. Ronaldo should be ahead of three or four of the nominees. He doesn’t Probably wouldn’t win, but that choice is a joke. Ronaldo will see that as disrespect and it will fuel him. He’ll think: ‘how did they have the courage?’ If we look at the stats, he thinks: ” I scored more goals than most on this list except for Salah. I get it,” Ferdinand told “Vibe with Five.

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