Rui Costa to Lisbon mayor: ‘You’ll have to take us here many times’ – Benfica

Benfica president guarantees women’s team is an example for the club

Rui Costa spoke to the Lisbon City Council in front of the women’s national champion football team, starting with a joke: “Thank you to the president for this reception. having to take it with us here several times. That’s our big goal “, he guaranteed.

The eagles president explained Benfica’s four-year women’s football project, recalling “a championship that fled by Covid-19”. “We were the first team to participate in the Champions League. He spoke about the importance of women in life and we paid a lot of attention to it. As president, I am proud to chair the greatest and the only Portuguese club that has the country’s six main women’s sports. In addition to the growth we tried to give to our teams, last Sunday we tried to offer our athletes and fans and the whole country a brilliant party. We played the decisive match against our rival Playing sports at the Estádio da Luz, breaking the attendance record at official meetings, showing the importance we want to give to women’s sport. To those girls who are here, that they never lose what they have shown. You are what I want for our Benfica: a team with ambition, quality and which gives us victories”, underlined Rui Costa.

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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