Rui Jorge calls Pedro Neto, Inácio and Djaló also return: the U21 call-up

The coach has called up 26 players for the final three qualifying matches (Belarus, Liechtenstein and Greece) for the 2023 European Championship, with a focus on the Wolves winger’s return, as well as Gonçalo Inácio and Tiago Djaló, and the inclusion of João Mário. , Fábio Vieira, Gonçalo Borges and Francisco Conceição, recently crowned in Portugal. Lusos are in place of permission

Goalie: Celton Biai (V. Guimarães); Gonçalo Tabuaco (FC Porto), Samuel Soares (Benfica)

Defenses: Alexandre Penetra (Famalicão), Eduardo Quaresma (Sporting), Gonçalo Inácio (Sporting), João Mário (FC Porto), Nuno Tavares (Arsenal), Rafael Rodrigues (Benfica) and Tiago Djaló (Lille)

Medium: Afonso Sousa (Belenenses), André Almeida (V. Guimarães), Fábio Vieira (FC Porto), Fábio Carvalho (Fulham), José Carlos (Varzim), Paulo Bernardo (Benfica), Tiago Dantas (Benfica), Vasco Sousa (FC Porto ) ) and David da Costa (Lens).

Advanced: Fábio Silva (Wolves), Francisco Conceição (FC Porto), Gonçalo Ramos (Benfica), Gonçalo Borges (FC Porto), Henrique Araújo (Benfica), Pedro Neto (Wolves) and Vitinha (Braga).

Sporting central defender Gonçalo Inácio and central defender Tiago Djaló (Lille) returned to the Portuguese U21 squad, while FC Porto midfielder Vitinha returned to the main team from corners.

The team led by Rui Jorge, vice-champion of Europe, will conclude the qualifying phase for the Romania/Georgia 2023 continental tournament in June, with three matches in group D, which it leads: away with Belarus ( June 4) and Liechtenstein (June 7) and, in Barcelos, against Greece (June 11).

“As for the specific players, there are two more (Gonçalo Inácio and Tiago Djaló), who are from that space (U21). They still depend on the top options, but I think they will reach the under 21s. years and demonstrate what has made them rise,” said the coach.

During the press conference to present the call, in Cidade do Futebol, in Oeiras, Rui Jorge highlighted the particular moment of the calendar, since there are athletes who are still competing and others who are already on vacation .

“The Belarusian championship is underway. It is at a different stage from ours, it is not ending. I think they will arrive in good condition and create difficulties for us,” he said.

The Under-21 coach has promised the same commitment in the remaining three matches of this qualifying phase, regardless of the opponents.

“Compared to the individual quality of the players, there is no comparison. But, as always, in football, it is about proving it. There is no point in saying that we have superior quality and then to get on the pitch and not show it,” he concluded. .

Portugal lead the group with 19 points, followed by Greece, who have 17 and were beaten 4-0 when they hosted Portugal on 29 March.

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