Russia: wave of resignations among regional governors

Five resignations in a few hours: An unusually high number of heads of Russian regions have resigned. This fuels speculation. Do governors know more about Putin’s war plans?

In Russia, an unusual wave of resignations by regional governors caused a stir. On Tuesday, a total of five regional chiefs in different parts of the country announced within hours that they would resign or not run again.

The first to announce their resignation were Sergey Schwachkin from Tomsk, Siberia, and his colleague Igor Vasilyev from Kirov, about 1,000 kilometers northeast of Moscow. Then came the heads of Saratov and the Autonomous Republic of El Mari. Ryazan region governor Nikolai Lyubimov said he did not want to run for a second term.

In total, Russia consists of more than 80 so-called federal subjects – these are, for example, regions and autonomous republics. One of the official reasons given by individual governors for their resignations was their age or they referred to rather long terms that were already behind them.

Resignations spark speculation

For many citizens, however, the wave of resignations has caused astonishment and also speculation. Several users of the Telegram news service wondered whether regional leaders no longer wanted to support the two and a half-month-old war against Ukraine and the economic consequences for Russian provinces. Many companies have pulled out of Russia as a result of Western sanctions. People are losing their jobs en masse.

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