Russian Flagship “Moskva” Sunk by Ukrainians – Audio Evidence Available – Politics Abroad

The sunken flagship “Moskva” – an embarrassing blow for Putin in his bloody attack on Ukraine.

Kremlin propaganda has tried to cover up the reasons for the sinking of its largest warship, saying it sank on April 14 because a storm caused ammunition on board to catch fire.

But now the Ukrainian army publishes THE audio evidence that proves what it claimed from the beginning: it fired, hit and sank the “Moskva” – according to its own statements with two R-360 Neptun anti-ship missiles.

In the audio recording, an angry crew member of the “Moskva” desperately calls for help and communicates with a tug. The sirens wail and the sailor yells, “Communication with the bridge is down!”, saying the ship has been hit twice and has “two holes below the waterline”. And: that the ship is already leaning dangerously to the side by about 30 degrees.

“There is no way to move. We will try to save the crew,” explains the sailor.

What happened then: The 12,490 ton ship sank – and went down in history as the largest warship sunk since World War II.

So far, Russia has only admitted the death of one crew member, although it is clear that many other sailors are missing. Thus, as long as they are not presumed dead, their relatives will not be compensated.

Explosive: The leader of Putin’s Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Osipow (49), has “not been seen alive” since then. However, the Kremlin denies that he died on board. So why was he absent from the Victory Day parade in Red Square on May 9? There is no information about this. At important meetings, on the other hand, he is registered as present.

Was the United States involved in the attack? A US government official said the United States had shared information about the location of the Russian missile cruiser with the Ukrainians, according to NBC. But they did not know that Ukraine was planning an attack on the “Moskva”.

According to the Lithuanian Defense Minister, there were 485 crew members on board, including 66 officers. A total of 54 crew members were rescued by a Turkish vessel.

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