Russian super tank discovered in Ukraine


What awaits Ukraine now? The fact that Vladimir Putin has stopped at nothing in the war of aggression since February 2022 should have reached everyone long ago. But now the Russian president is relying on his absolute “miracle weapon”: a super tank designed to fight in cities. Now the BMPT “Terminator” appeared on Ukrainian soil for the first time – in countless versions.

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Residents filmed the “Terminator” chronicle

In their offensive in the Donbass, the Russian armed forces now also use a new armored vehicle. On Sunday, residents of the besieged city of Sieverodonetsk filmed a convoy of Russian BMPT “Terminators” – the most modern combat vehicle Putin’s army has to offer.

Experts have confirmed the authenticity of the recordings. According to the US military institute ISW, corresponding photos and videos also circulated in pro-Kremlin Telegram groups. There, the vehicle was hailed as Russia’s “silver bullet”.

The “Terminator” can do that

The “Terminator” was developed by the Uralvagonzavod arms company specifically as a support vehicle for tanks fighting in city centers. Based on the experience of the Chechen war, it aims to eliminate enemy anti-tank teams and thus make escorting infantry superfluous. The vehicle, which is seven meters long and almost three and a half meters wide, would be able to detect up to five targets at the same time, hence the nickname “Terminator” chosen by the manufacturer. The 47-ton BMPT is equipped with a huge twin machine gun, four anti-tank missiles, two grenade launchers and a standard machine gun. The chassis of the T-72 main battle tank serves as the basis.

The 1,000 hp engine can accelerate up to 65 kilometers per hour with a range of 550 kilometers. On the negative side, however, is its large crew. Five soldiers are needed for the operation. Most recently, the “Terminator” was featured in the Victory Day Parade on May 9 in Moscow. Some copies were reportedly moved across the Ukrainian border weeks ago. So far, however, they have not been used.

How many “Terminators” does Russia have?

The number of BMPTs in Russia is unclear. According to the media, however, there should only be 20 to 30 copies. As a result, the series production planned for 2017 failed, probably due to technical defects.

Canadian security expert Colby Badhwar was surprised that the “Terminator” had never been used in Ukraine before. “If these had been deployed in Mariupol from the start with experienced troops, Russia might have had a chance to capture the city,” Badhwar tweeted. “Instead, they ignored all the lessons supposedly learned in Grozny and repeated the same mistakes.” (

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