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Ricardo Sá Pinto, coach of Moreirense, was suspended for a period of 15 days, so he could not be on the bench in the two matches against Chaves. In addition to the suspension, the coach will also have to pay a fine of 2805 euros for the events that occurred during the duel with Vizela.

Sá Pinto’s sanction stems from insults and gestures made by the coach during the celebrations of Moreirense’s victory against Vizela by 4-1. The Moreirense coach will thus be removed from the bench for the two matches that will decide who will play in the Primeira Liga in the 2022/2023 sports season, Moreirense or Chaves.

“During the equality check between these teams, the head coach of Moreirense, Ricardo Manuel da Silva Sá Pinto, walked part of the lawn towards the upper north bench, where some of the supporters of Vizela, and addressing them, the GNR Force Commander audibly says, the phrase “Take it, take it ***” while performing two types of gestures with his arms. One with both arms outstretched and half-raised in celebration, and the other with one arm vertical and the other horizontal, crossed in front of the chest, a gesture commonly known as the cuff. The execution of these gestures and the remarks made were perceived by Vizela’s supporters as provocative, followed, in general, by a wave of insults. From that moment, the fans still on the bench began to sing in unison the chant ‘e oh Sá Pinto vai pro cara ***’,” reads the note posted via the Council’s Sanctions Map. Disciplinary Committee (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).

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