Santa Clara players ask SAD for more respect for Mário Silva

The wave of solidarity grew after the end of the match in Alvalade. Ricardo Pacheco, president of the club, was the first to challenge the non-continuity of the coach, who had a worded agreement.

The Santa Clara players asked SAD for more respect for coach Mário Silva, who revealed there had been a breach of the verbal continuity agreement. Hours before the start of the 34th day of the I Liga game, in Alvalade, Ricardo Pacheco, the club’s president, guaranteed the continuity of the coach, shortly after the news broke that Mário Silva would not stay not in technical command.

Regarding the possible scenario of non-continuity, the Azorean leader made it very clear that the opposition would rise in tone. “If this does not happen, the Azoreans and the serious and grateful Santaclaritas will not fail, together, to shout their revolt”, wrote the president of the club on his Facebook page.

The revolt was born right away in Alvalade and began to emerge in Lincoln’s voice. “I hope the club will make the best decision. In my opinion, the technical staff should stay. There is no explanation what they have done for the players. We have done a good job for them. numbers speak for themselves,” the player told Sport TV. Later, on social media, he was even more critical, demanding “more professionalism, character and respect” from those responsible.

Paulo Henrique, for his part, did not hide his surprise at the situation. “There are things that are beyond us without knowing why,” he said, stressing that “history was made in a club that represents a region of honest and hardworking people”.

Captain Anderson Carvalho also revealed that the players are “dissatisfied and disappointed with the possible departure of Mr. Mário Silva”, taking advantage of the publication on the Instagram social network to wish the coach good luck: “We will encourage your success!!” , underlined the Brazilian average.

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