Scala dei Turchi in Sicily: Elon Musk – buy this rock!

To: 05/04/2022 17:36

Elon Musk is a man who buys things and takes care of them – or so the multi-billionaire says. It seems to have worked for a Sicilian pensioner: he made Musk an unusual offer.

The Scala dei Turchi rock on the southern coast of Sicily is not only a popular tourist attraction in the Agrigento region, but is currently up for sale. When it comes to the still owner Ferdinando Sciabarrà, like the American multi-billionaire Elon Musk. Sciabarrà told the Corriere della Sera newspaper. The seriousness of the proposal remained open.

We put it up for auction and called on Elon Musk in particular to buy it, protect it and make the best use of it.

The retiree has clear ideas for future use: the rock must continue to be accessible for free, Sciabarrà confirmed in the interview. His lawyer added that they were not in favor of building a kiosk or a hotel on the rock.

The rock must be supported

What at first glance looks like a bizarre idea has a serious background: the pensioner, who owns a large part of the rock, cannot optimally take care of the flow of visitors and the preservation of the rock – but he just can’t get rid of it.

According to Sciabarrà, several attempts to hand over the area to the Realmonte administration have failed. To the pensioner’s regret: he believes that the authorities could better organize the flow of visitors, ensure safety and prevent the rock from collapsing further under the large number of people.

The view from the Scala dei Turchi.

Image: photo alliance / imageBROKER

Scala dei Turchi collapses

The problem: According to the “Corriere della Sera”, the Scala dei Turchi has been inherited for generations – and has always remained open to the public. Because thousands of tourists and onlookers climb the ledge made of white marl – a sedimentary rock – every year, the rock is slowly crumbling.

So there are fewer and fewer rocks, but more tourists – especially since a tourism portal recently voted the most popular Instagram beaches and put the rocks in first place.

La Scala dei Turchi

La Scala dei Turchi (in English: “Stairs of the Turks”) is a rock near the municipality of Realmonte in the province of Agrigento in southern Sicily. The second part of the name is said to date back to the Saracen pirates, who were commonly called “Turks” and are said to have anchored their boats downwind of the rock during raids.

The rock is made up of marl, a sedimentary rock formed by the deposition of silicates such as clay or silt and the simultaneous precipitation of lime. Due to weather conditions, these steps were carved out of the bright white marl rock over time, to which it owes its name today.

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