Serious allegations of abuse against Elon Musk

An investigation reveals that Elon Musk allegedly sexually assaulted an employee. She would have received a lot of money for her silence.

A former employee of Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX was allegedly sexually assaulted by Musk. A non-disclosure agreement has so far prevented the alleged victim from commenting on the case herself. However, “Business Insider” was able to see a certified statement from a friend to whom the person had revealed himself.

The woman worked as a flight attendant on a SpaceX business jet. According to a statement from the woman, quoted by Business Insider, after starting her job as a flight attendant, she was encouraged to also train as a masseuse so she could massage Elon Musk during flights.

During a flight in late 2016, Musk invited her to his private cabin “for a full body massage.” When the stewardess arrived, she found Musk “completely naked.” A towel only covered the lower half of her body. During the massage that followed, Musk discovered his erect penis, touched her, and offered to buy her a horse if she did “more,” which clearly meant sex.

According to “Business Insider”, the flight attendant later told a friend about the incident. According to the friend, she was obviously upset and shaken by the incident.

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