Snake Island: Ukraine apparently pulls off a surprise attack

Surprise Ukrainian attack on Snake Island?

This account is partially confirmed by information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. On May 7, kyiv released these drone images of Snake Island, which is called Zmiinyi in Ukrainian. They are intended to show the destruction of a Russian Serna landing craft and two Russian Thor anti-aircraft systems:

Also on May 7, this video was released which reportedly shows an attack on Snake Island by two Ukrainian Su-27 bombers. An ammunition depot would have been hit:

“Most, if not all, of the Russian soldiers stationed on Snake Island may have been killed in this surprise attack,” military expert Chris Owen wrote on Twitter of the video. Owen also analyzes later released footage of the downing of the Mi-8 helicopter and concludes that there were at least eleven people on board. Then Owen raises the question of why the Russian military is launching a landing operation on the island, which should actually be in Russian hands.

Zmiinyi is considered strategically important for the capture of Odessa

“It tells me that the Russians have lost communications with the island and don’t know if and how many of their soldiers survived the attack or if the island is back in Ukrainian hands,” Owen said. “Russia considers the island enemy territory until proven otherwise.” From the air, one can only determine that the island has been badly damaged – but not who controls it.

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