Social Democratic Labor Party: Opposition wins Australian election

Status: 05/21/2022 3:26 p.m.

According to projections, Conservative Prime Minister Morrison suffered a general election defeat in Australia. The opposition Labor Party of challenger Albanese is clearly in the lead.

According to projections, the Social Democratic Labor Party, led by former opposition leader Anthony Albanese, has won Australia’s general election. Labor will be able to form at least a minority government, and that could be enough for a majority government, public broadcaster ABC and other media reported.

According to preliminary calculations, Labor can expect at least 71 seats in the lower house. The majority is 76 seats. The right-wing conservative coalition led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison initially had just 49 seats and can no longer secure a majority.

Anthony Albanese (left) and Scott Morrison (right) greet each other during a pre-election televised duel.

Image: AFP

Prime Minister congratulates election winners

Morrison conceded defeat. The 54-year-old said he called the opposition leader Albanese and congratulated him on his victory. He spoke of a “difficult night for the liberals”.

This will most likely make Albanese the country’s 31st prime minister. The 59-year-old has served as Deputy Prime Minister in the past. He has run the lab since 2019. Labor has been out of power in Australia for almost a decade.

The fact that many Australians blame Morrison for his poor crisis management over the past three years may have contributed to the election victory. The crises began in 2019, shortly after he took office, with huge fires in the east of the country that scorched an area the size of Finland. As soon as the fires died down, the corona pandemic began. Then, in February of this year, flooding severely damaged Australia’s east coast.

Australian Greens are doing well

About 17 million eligible voters were now called upon to vote for the 151 seats in the lower house and half of the 78 seats in the Senate. There is a mandatory choice. About half of Australians are believed to have voted early, either by post or early voting. The 2.7 million postal votes have not yet been counted.

The course of the legislative elections remained unclear for a long time, even after the closing of the polling stations. The main reason was the good performance of many independent candidates and the Australian Greens (The Greens).

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