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The club added more than €9m in member revenue, exceeding the maximum for 2020/21

Sporting have announced that they have surpassed the club’s previous record in terms of membership fees paid. If in the previous season, marked by positive results in football with the conquest of the national title after 19 seasons, the emblem of Alvalade recorded an amount of 9 million euros resulting from the subscription, this time the club announces that it has already exceeded the €9m mark for the current season. According to information provided by Sporting, in an official note on the site, “the mark exceeds the previous best season of all time, 2020/2021, by 3%, while there are still more than a month and a half to go. the end of 2021/2022″. , and can bring the club closer to a historic staffing record of ten million euros”. The emblem of Alvalade justifies the greatest dynamism of the club, as well as the “Sporting Semper” campaign, to appeal to the subscription to direct debit by members, mainly in the annual modality, as factors that have led to the increase in income by regular payments from leonine partners.Remember that members of Sporting A pay an amount of €12 per month, while category B members have to pay €6 per month.

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