Sporting have €8.5m on the pitch in Middlesbrough’s next game – Sporting

It’s a real knockout of the championship: Middlesbrough is not the best placed to continue dreaming of going up in division in England, but in any case, he will play his last card this Saturday. The result of the meeting with Preston North End and the outcome of the fight for promotion to the Premier League mean much more than money for Boro supporters and officials, but for… Sporting they have a definite value: 8.5 million euros. It’s… Andraz Sporar’s fault. When the 28-year-old Slovenian striker was loaned to Middlesbrough at the start of the season, the clubs agreed to introduce two clauses which would make it compulsory to buy the pass: one was that Sporar score at least 15 goals (which ‘he hasn’t been able to do that, as he hasn’t gone past 8 yet) and another would be for Boro to guarantee…the division move up. And so here is the explanation of why Middlesbrough’s next game is of such interest to Sporting. Despite this last opportunity to secure the objective, the truth is that Boro’s accounts are not favorable. The current club of Sporar occupies, for the moment, the 7th place, that is to say that it is located one position below the last place to enter the playoff, 2 points from the 5th and 6th places, respectively Sheffield United and Luton Town – which were destroyed by Fulham (7-0), by Marco Silva, last Monday. Simply put, to get into the ‘top 6’ Boro must beat Preston North End and hope neither Sheffield (Fulham) nor Luton (Reading) win their home games. A triumph for Boro and a draw for Luton Town reversed the positions in the table. In the direct confrontation with Sheffield, the calculation is even more complex: Boro will have to beat Preston by two goals and score one goal more than their rivals against Fulham.

These are the scenarios that Sporting will have to see materialize to maintain the hope of obtaining 8.5 million euros with Sporar. If the purchase does not become mandatory, Boro should not keep the player, as the ‘Northern Echo’ already anticipates this Tuesday.

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