Slower economic growth: EU inflation forecast almost doubled

Less economic growth EU inflation forecast almost doubles 05/16/2022, 11:12 a.m. Economic prospects in Europe are darkened by the war in Ukraine. The European Commission must considerably improve its growth and inflation forecasts. The European Commission has drastically lowered its growth forecast for the European economy due to the war in Ukraine. The economy of … Read more

Difficult-to-fill storage tanks: Moscow puts even more pressure on the gas industry

memory difficult to fill Moscow puts even more pressure on the gas industry By Nils Kreimeier and Thomas Steinmann 05/14/2022, 7:17 p.m. According to a new law, German gas storage facilities must reach minimum filling levels by certain dates. But Russia and its attack on Ukraine constantly present operators with new challenges. Russia’s announcement to … Read more

Highest level in 20 years: Inflation in Russia rises to 17.8%

The highest level in 20 years Inflation in Russia rises to 17.8% 05/13/2022, 09:51 PM Food prices have risen massively in Russia, sometimes by a third. Inflation hits its highest level in two decades. But President Putin sticks to his point: the sanctions against the war in Ukraine have done more harm to the West … Read more

‘I learned something again’ podcast: How Russia is starving the world

Wheat thefts, blocked ships, mined fields: the world is less supplied with cereals following the Russian attack against Ukraine. Because he was one of the biggest producers of wheat. The worst famine since World War II is imminent. Before the Russian attack, Ukraine was one of the largest food producers in the world. Their wheat, … Read more

For 375 million dollars: the Trump company sells the rights to a luxury hotel

For $375 million The Trump company sells the rights to a luxury hotel 05/12/2022, 8:23 p.m. The Trump International Hotel was a popular meeting place for Republicans and lobbyists courting the then president. Trump’s group of companies is now selling the luxury hotel with around 250 rooms. Going forward, it will be managed under the … Read more

“Sprinters in local transport”: Baden-Württemberg spends billions on trains

“Sprinting in local traffic” Baden-Württemberg spends billions on trains 05/09/2022, 4:53 p.m. Both the federal government and the Länder want to strengthen local rail transport. Baden-Württemberg is already modernizing its fleet. 130 double-decker trains are to come from France. The French group Alstom has won the contract to build 130 double-decker trains for regional transport … Read more

10.8 million monthly users: dating app Grindr wants to go public

10.8 million monthly users Dating app Grindr wants to go public 05/10/2022 06:44 Things are not looking good for Grindr in China. And there are also problems in Sweden. Nevertheless, the American company wants to take the plunge on the stock market. The dating app for the LGBTQ+ community is said to be worth $2.1 … Read more

Dispute over the payment system: the mother of Tinder relies on the “last resort” against Google

Payment system dispute Tinder’s mother bets on the “last resort” against Google 05/10/2022, 02:25 Google’s payment guidelines are causing discontent in many places. The parent company of the dating app Tinder now sees no other way out and is taking legal action. Because Match is about hundreds of millions of dollars that should be paid … Read more

Steinway: piano maker prepares for IPO

Big Sounds: Piano maker Steinway is aiming for a listing on the New York Stock Exchange. But billionaire John Paulson still wants to be in charge. It is not yet known how much the shares will cost. Piano maker Steinway wants to go public and has submitted an application to the United States Securities and … Read more