Allegations against Elon Musk! Offer sex and silence the money to an employee? – People

Serious allegations against Elon Musk! As reported by the American news portal “Insider”, the aerospace and telecommunications company SpaceX, founded by Musk, would have paid a woman 250,000 dollars (236,000 euros) to keep her quiet. The reason: The company wanted to settle a case of sexual misconduct by Musk in 2018. The case At the … Read more

Elon Musk: America’s Democrats are the party of hate

Elon Musk (50) supplies fuel again! The tech billionaire is increasingly revealing views that align him with the right-wing political spectrum in the United States. He wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the US Democrats had become a “party of division and hatred”. This is why he will vote for the Republicans in the future. … Read more