No more Brexit inconveniences: Boris Johnson’s father now has a French passport

No more Brexit inconvenience Boris Johnson’s father now has a French passport May 20, 2022, 6:31 p.m. The fact that British Prime Minister Johnson’s father was against Brexit brought smiles years ago. Now Stanley Johnson can once again take full advantage of the benefits of the EU. He now has a French passport. British Prime … Read more

After a boost from Grenoble: the French government is targeting the “burkinis”.

After the advance from Grenoble The French government targets the “burkinis” 05/18/2022, 00:24 In Grenoble, topless swimming and the wearing of full swimsuits are now authorized. The French government does not like the latter. It is not the first French city to change the dress codes of public swimming pools. The French government wants to … Read more

Tense relations with kyiv: Macron wants to extend arms deliveries

Strained relationship with Kyiv Macron wants to expand arms deliveries May 17, 2022 at 9:29 p.m. The relationship between Presidents Macron and Zelenskyj is strained. More recently, the Frenchman effectively rejected Ukraine’s EU membership. He also maintained regular contact with the Kremlin boss for a long time. Now he wants to deliver faster and bigger … Read more

Self-determination versus ideology: Allowing the burkini divides France

Self-determination versus ideology Allowing the burkini divides France 05/16/2022, 07:24 People should wear what they want in the pool, says the mayor of the French city of Grenoble. In addition to topless, the burkini should also be allowed. But critics speak of creeping Islamization and do not hesitate to face threats. The French city of … Read more

EU membership only decades away: Macron drastically undermines hopes in Ukraine

Joining the EU only in decades Macron drastically undermines Ukraine’s hopes 05/09/2022, 18:09 Ukraine expects more security and support from EU membership. The admission procedure could be accelerated, but French President Macron is giving little hope. French President Emmanuel Macron has dampened hopes of Ukraine’s upcoming EU membership. The process could take “decades”, Macron said … Read more

Mali wants to end cooperation with France: the military junta retaliates after the withdrawal of troops

The military junta responds Mali ends its cooperation with France 04/05/2022 11:37 Mali’s relationship with its former colonial power is growing stronger: France first announced the end of its deployment in the West African country, and now the Malian military junta says it has intends to dissolve all existing contracts and agreements. The West African … Read more