Nigeria: Christian Student Tortured and Burned for Allegedly Insulting the Prophet

In Nigeria’s Sokoto state, a lynching mob brutally killed a Christian student and burned her body. Dozens of Muslim students stoned the young woman in anger after she entered a public WhatsApp group, police said on Thursday. “Students forcibly removed the victim from the security room where she had been hidden by school authorities, killed … Read more

Arizona (USA): Death penalty! The killer talks to the murder victim during his execution

For the first time in eight years there is one in the US state of Arizona death sentence been executed! Killer Clarence Dixon (66) was executed by lethal injection in Florence State Prison – he refused an execution by gas chamber. Reason for death sentence: According to the court, Dixon had killed student Deana Bowdoin … Read more

United States: Microsoft director shot dead in front of his daughter

This is where you will find social media content In order to interact with or view social media content, we need your consent. activate social networks Mysterious murder case in the United States: a Microsoft official is lured into the street and shot dead in public in the presence of his two-year-old daughter. There is … Read more

Bairro de Ramalde pays tribute to a fan who died during the FC Porto festivities

Alexander Panda Today at 15:31 Dozens of relatives, friends and neighbors of Igor Silva, the young man stabbed to death during FC Porto’s league title celebrations, next to the Estádio do Dragão, paid tribute to the victim in the Ramalde neighborhood , demanding that justice be swift to find the culprits. On Sunday evening, in … Read more

Scandalous judgment after “lynching”: police officers acquitted, an author too old for prison!

His death in 2018 not only shook the Greek LGBTQ community… On Tuesday, a court in Athens sentenced two men (59 and 77) to ten years in prison for the murder of gay activist Zacharias Kostopoulos († 33). The four police officers involved were acquitted. Scandal ! Review: As an LGBTQ activist in Greece, Kostopoulos … Read more

Executed man pleads: ‘Please give love, show love, BE LOVE’ – News Ausland

For some jewelry and $200, James and Zelma Long had to die. Today, approximately 26 years after his death, his murderous double, Carman Deck (56), received a lethal injection at Bonne Terre, Missouri State Penitentiary. Deck is the fifth American executed this year. WASHINGTON (USA) – As the five grams of pentobarbital coursed through his … Read more

US woman has to live on sofa for 12 years – corpse merged with sofa – News

Incredible crime of the United States! Sheila (64) and Clay Fletcher (65) allegedly forced their autistic daughter Lacey († 36) to live on the couch for at least twelve years. The corpse had merged with the sofa, lying in a hole covered in excrement and maggots. The horror parents now face second-degree murder charges. In … Read more