Özdemir strongly criticizes India’s wheat export ban

AAgriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (Greens) strongly criticized the Indian embargo on wheat exports. “We all have a responsibility vis-à-vis the rest of the world, in particular the major exporting countries”, he declared in Stuttgart after the meeting with his counterparts from the group of industrialized countries of the G- 7. “I take a very critical … Read more

Majorca: “Gross negligence” – Two fatal falls of tourists shake the island

people Filmed witnesses “Big negligence” – Two fatal falls of tourists shake Mallorca Status: 3:25 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Not all Mallorca tourists enjoy the tranquility – two holidaymakers died in risky actions Source: dpa Two fatal accidents, and each time the cameras were rolling: Two vacationers died in dramatic circumstances in Mallorca. … Read more

Schirin Abu Akle: Baerbock ‘deeply shocked’ by violence at journalist’s funeral

abroad Schirin Abu Akleh Violence at funeral of journalist in Jerusalem – Israel announces investigation Status: 2:32 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Baerbock ‘deeply shaken’ by riots at journalist’s funeral in Jerusalem Journalist Shirin Abu Akleh died while covering an Israeli military operation in the West Bank. There was a commotion at the funeral … Read more

Nigeria: Christian Student Tortured and Burned for Allegedly Insulting the Prophet

In Nigeria’s Sokoto state, a lynching mob brutally killed a Christian student and burned her body. Dozens of Muslim students stoned the young woman in anger after she entered a public WhatsApp group, police said on Thursday. “Students forcibly removed the victim from the security room where she had been hidden by school authorities, killed … Read more

PJ confirms murder of young FC Porto fan was motivated by personal reasons – News

Renato Gonçalves, 19, has already been arrested for the crime of aggravated homicide. The death of a young man during FC Porto’s national championship title celebrations in the early hours of Sunday was due to “personal problems” between the victim and the attacker, a police source told Lusa this tuesday. A source linked to the … Read more

United States: the police seize a prisoner and a bailiff after their escape – Panorama

A prisoner escapes with a guard at his side, the country is perplexed: is she his accomplice? After a week and a half and a seemingly rocky chase, the two are caught up – the woman dies soon after. After a week and a half of a manhunt, US police have arrested a murder suspect … Read more

After escaping from an American prison: the police arrest a prison guard and a prisoner

After escaping from American prison Police arrest prison guard and prisoner 05/10/2022, 02:05 It’s an unlikely couple who are on the run together: inmate Casey White and his alleged aide, prison guard Vicky White. But after more than a week of flying, they are caught by the police – but the officer dies soon after. … Read more

Three American tourists die and the police are puzzled

DThe Bahamas are facing an unexplained case: three American tourists died on Friday in the Caribbean country. Three American citizens have been found dead in a luxury hotel on the island of Exuma. Two men and a woman were among the victims, CNN reported. Another woman, also American, was injured and airlifted to a hospital … Read more

police scandal? German-British struck down by officials – shortly afterwards he died

Updated on 08/05/2022 at 2:04 p.m. The death of a 27-year-old man of German-British nationality in the south of England raises many questions about the work of the police. At the end of April, Arthur H.-E. hit by a police car and injured. Instead of helping the man, the police reportedly tried to handcuff him. … Read more