After the fall of Mariupol: Ukraine reports massive fighting in Donbass

After the fall of Mariupol Ukraine reports massive fighting in Donbass 05/21/2022, 12:25 p.m. The city of Sievzherodonetsk has been under Russian fire for days. According to the Ukrainian military, Russia is aiming for control of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions and a land corridor to Crimea. New attacks are also reported in Kharkiv. After … Read more

More sanctions and weapons: ex-NATO chief calls for “German leadership”

More sanctions and weapons Ex-NATO chief calls for ‘German leadership’ 21/05/2022, 06:41 In the war in Ukraine, Germany’s wavering attitude was criticized. He is also followed by former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen. He not only demands more heavy weapons from Berlin, but also new sanctions against Russia. Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen criticized … Read more

Ukrainian war: “Absolute stupidity” – Selenskyj outraged by the Russian attack on a cultural center

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has blamed Russia for a rocket attack on a cultural center in the east of the country that left eight injured. An eleven-year-old child was also injured in the shelling of the city of Lozova in the Kharkiv region, the head of state wrote on Friday evening on the Telegram news … Read more

Fine paid: Trump does not cooperate and pays $110,000

fine paid Trump refuses to cooperate and pays $110,000 05/21/2022 07:26 Donald Trump has long had to endure allegations of not-quite-clean business and financial practices. When he fails to cooperate with the authorities due to tax investigations, he is fined heavily. Now it was payday. Former US President Donald Trump has been fined $110,000 for … Read more

‘Show Putin his fear’: Historian sees Scholz’s warnings as ‘risky’

“Show Putin his fear” Historian considers Scholz warnings ‘risky’ 05/21/2022, 03:30 Military historian Neitzel criticized the Chancellor’s signals to Russian President Putin as “reckless in terms of foreign policy”. According to him, Scholz’s warnings convey “the image of a weak West”. Neitzel assumes the war will last “several years”. Military historian Sönke Neitzel criticized Chancellor … Read more

Khodorkovsky and Kasparov: Moscow expands list of “foreign agents”

Chodorkowski and Kasparov Moscow expands list of ‘foreign agents’ 05/21/2022, 00:55 Former oligarch Khodorkovsky and former world chess champion Kasparov have long since left their native Russia. Both criticize President Putin. His government classifies the two as “foreign agents”. Therefore, many restrictions and conditions apply. The Russian government has put former world chess champion Garry … Read more

The Greens are “warmongers”: Lafontaine blames the United States for the war in Ukraine

Greens are “warmongers” Lafontaine blames the United States for the war in Ukraine May 20, 2022, 5:16 p.m. Former leftist Lafontaine holds the United States and NATO partly responsible for the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Russian security interests would have been ignored for years. German politics are not doing well either. He calls the … Read more

“NATO is informed”: the overflights of Turkish fighter planes provoke Athens

“NATO is informed” Overflights of Turkish fighter jets provoke Athens May 20, 2022, 6:57 p.m. With a threat to veto Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership, Ankara is putting its allies to the test. Athens is now alerting the alliance: Turkish fighter planes have entered the Greek military port of Alexandroupolis without authorization. Two Turkish warplanes … Read more

Former chancellor leaves supervisory board: Gerhard Schröder leaves his post at Rosneft

Former chancellor leaves supervisory board Gerhard Schröder leaves his role at Rosneft 20/05/2022 13:04 It is now the case: the former Chancellor Schröder, who has been the subject of much criticism, is leaving the Russian oil company Rosneft. It was impossible for him to extend his term on the supervisory board. Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder … Read more