War day at a glance: Kadyrov talks about ‘mistakes’ at the start of the war – Turkey torpedoed Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

Russian officials openly admit the problems starting the invasion, but the British say they remain. In almost conquered Mariupol, Kadyrov could soon be in charge. Finland and Sweden are trying to join NATO, but Turkey has torpedoed the application. The 84th day of war at a glance. The Russians see the failure of the launch … Read more

Against arms dealer Bout: basketball player Griner should apparently be traded

Fight against the arms dealer Basketball player Griner should be replaced 05/14/2022, 08:50 American basketball star Griner has been detained in Russia since February. As a trial for alleged drug trafficking draws closer, a solution is being worked on behind the scenes. An exchange with a well-known arms dealer is said to be in the … Read more

US woman has to live on sofa for 12 years – corpse merged with sofa – News

Incredible crime of the United States! Sheila (64) and Clay Fletcher (65) allegedly forced their autistic daughter Lacey († 36) to live on the couch for at least twelve years. The corpse had merged with the sofa, lying in a hole covered in excrement and maggots. The horror parents now face second-degree murder charges. In … Read more