Benfica attacks the Disciplinary Board: “What a joke about Portuguese football! -Benfica

Benfica will attack the FPF Disciplinary Board again this Wednesday in its daily newsletter. In a long text entirely dedicated, they write, to the “unspeakable appreciation” of the CD on Rui Costa’s statements made after the match with Gil Vicentethe eagles say it’s “time to brake”. To read in full: Related “This edition of News … Read more

“The option for Jorge Jesus was in the logic of a quick result and failed”

Benfica’s SAD co-CEO Domingos Soares Oliveira has acknowledged the failure of the Reds’ past two seasons and blames the choice of Jorge Jesus and the transfer window move. “A lot of things failed, the market options certainly failed, we had a team that wasn’t balanced enough. We admit that the tactical and technical options also … Read more

Rui Costa warns Coins: ‘You’ll have to take it with us more often’

The Benfica women’s team was received this Thursday by the mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, after the revalidation of the title of national champion. The Red Entourage arrived at City Hall at 6:30 p.m., where dozens of fans were waiting. In addition to the players and their staff, the Eagles president, Rui Costa, went up … Read more

Rui Costa to Lisbon mayor: ‘You’ll have to take us here many times’ – Benfica

18:55 Benfica president guarantees women’s team is an example for the club Rui Costa spoke to the Lisbon City Council in front of the women’s national champion football team, starting with a joke: “Thank you to the president for this reception. having to take it with us here several times. That’s our big goal “, … Read more

Rui Costa: ‘I take responsibility for this season, I’m not hiding’

Benfica president Rui Costa admitted on Wednesday that the club fell short of its sporting goals, especially internally. “This season, if in the Champions League we have made a journey of which, given the circumstances, we are proud, eliminating Spartak Moscow, PSV, Barcelona, ​​Dynamo kyiv and Ajax, breaking only with Liverpool, despite the extraordinary 3-3 … Read more

Francisco J. Marques criticizes Rui Costa: “When he came to Dragão, he was 1st in the box…” – FC Porto

10 May 2022 – 21:54 FC Porto communications director reveals Pinto da Costa was placed 7th in Luz visit After Pinto da Costa said, critically, that he not only hadn’t been greeted by Rui Costa in Saturday’s classic, but hadn’t even seen him, this Tuesday was the turn of Francisco J. Marques to tackle the … Read more

Benfica’s SAD forensic audit won’t be ready until the end of the year – Benfica

The deadline to complete the forensic audit of Benfica’s SAD has suffered yet another ‘setback’. According to the eagles, it “is in progress and is not expected to be completed until the end of this year”. Rui Costa, at the time a candidate for the club’s presidency, obtained in October 2021 an audit which would … Read more

Benfica: “At no time did Jesus ask to leave”

Benfica underlined, this Friday, around 24 hours after the statements made public by coach Jorge Jesus, that the former coach of the Reds had not asked to leave the club “at any time”. “Sport Lisboa e Benfica specifies that at no time has Jorge Jesus asked to leave the club,” Benfica said in a statement … Read more

“Despite Benfica City, our base in Seixal will continue for many years”

Benfica’s football base will remain in Seixal “for many, many years”, Reds chairman Rui Costa said on Tuesday. In a ceremony at Seixal City Council to welcome the Under-19 team that recently won the Youth League, the manager gave that guarantee, after a January interview with BTV raised the possibility of creating Cidade Benfica, to … Read more

Rui Costa guarantees: ‘Seixal will continue to be our base for many, many years’ – Benfica

03 May 2022 – 5:40 pm Benfica president stresses club will stay on south bank, despite plans to move forward with Cidade Benfica Rui Costa assured that Benfica would continue to be based in Seixal, despite the club’s intention to go ahead with the construction of Cidade Benfica, a project which, as Record revealed, will … Read more