After confirmed case: Sweden declares monkeypox dangerous for the public

After confirmed case Sweden declares monkeypox a public health hazard 05/21/2022, 02:12 In order to be able to take protective measures against infection, Sweden classifies monkeypox as a dangerous disease. In Belgium, virus cases are linked to a fetish festival. In Spain, a sauna must close for the moment after a suspected epidemic. After the … Read more

Erdogan wants benefits when Sweden and Finland join NATO

ETurkey took an important step in the dispute over Sweden and Finland joining NATO during the visit of its Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to Washington. After meeting his American colleague Antony Blinken late Wednesday night, he said negotiations with the US government to purchase the upgraded version of the F-16 fighter jet were going well. … Read more

In case of skin changes see the doctor: monkeypox detected in other countries

In case of skin changes to the doctor Monkeypox detected in other countries May 19, 2022 at 6:34 p.m. Cases of monkeypox are reported in other countries in Europe and North America. Experts warn against panicking, but advise men who have sex with other men and notice skin changes to seek medical attention immediately. No … Read more

American Republicans: Erdogan is not the only problem for NATO

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Melnyk: Ukraine’s NATO membership would reduce risk of nuclear war

Live Ukrainian War Melnyk – Ukraine’s NATO membership would reduce the risk of nuclear war From 5:53 a.m. | Reading time: 5 minutes “Sweden and Finland bring enormous potential to NATO” “The desire of the Finns and Sweden to join NATO is a clear defeat of Putin’s strategy,” said NATO General Horst Heinrich Brauss. Putin … Read more

War day at a glance: Kadyrov talks about ‘mistakes’ at the start of the war – Turkey torpedoed Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

Russian officials openly admit the problems starting the invasion, but the British say they remain. In almost conquered Mariupol, Kadyrov could soon be in charge. Finland and Sweden are trying to join NATO, but Turkey has torpedoed the application. The 84th day of war at a glance. The Russians see the failure of the launch … Read more

NATO: Sweden and Finland officially request membership

abroad military alliance Sweden and Finland officially apply for NATO membership – Turkey speaks of contradiction From 1:04 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Special WELT – Ex-Russian officer criticizes Putin’s state television Ukrainian guerrillas reportedly killed several senior Russian officers in Melitopol. The Russian army then tightened controls on passenger cars, the administration of … Read more

What Turkey accuses Sweden and Finland of

Kurds demonstrate against the Turkish government in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Photo: TT NEWS AGENCY via AP Sweden and Finland have officially applied for NATO membership. But Turkish President Erdogan is filibustering. How true is his claim that both countries support terrorist organizations? “A fish only comes back to life when caught in a … Read more

Ukraine War: Lavrov – NATO membership doesn’t make “much difference”

abroad Ukrainian War Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership doesn’t make ‘much difference’ for Lavrov Status: 12:52 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes ‘Freed Azov activists could face severe torture’ “The 260 fighters freed from the Azov steelworks are in Russian captivity,” says WELT journalist Max Hermes. Ukraine will now launch a prisoner exchange, but until … Read more

Recep Erdogan continues to reject Finland and Sweden joining NATO

abroad Turkish President Erdogan continues to reject Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership Status: 11:29 | Reading time: 2 minutes Finland and Sweden want to join NATO Sweden and Finland, Scandinavian countries, are trying to join NATO. A majority of the Stockholm Parliament voted Monday in favor of this historic step. Meanwhile, Turkey is threatening to … Read more