War day at a glance: Kadyrov talks about ‘mistakes’ at the start of the war – Turkey torpedoed Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

Russian officials openly admit the problems starting the invasion, but the British say they remain. In almost conquered Mariupol, Kadyrov could soon be in charge. Finland and Sweden are trying to join NATO, but Turkey has torpedoed the application. The 84th day of war at a glance. The Russians see the failure of the launch … Read more

Mariupol: Will Kadyrov, Putin’s sleuth, take over? – Policy abroad

This is where you will find social media content In order to interact with or view social media content, we need your consent. activate social networks First, Mariupol was reduced to rubble by Putin’s troops for weeks – now the port city is apparently threatened by a brutal occupation regime! Apparently Kremlin dictator Putin (69) … Read more