Telma Monteiro breaks the silence on a car accident on the A23: “At one point I really thought it was the end”

This Tuesday, April 12, the judokas Telma Monteiro, Barbara Timo and Rodrigue Lopes suffered a road accident on the A23, in Castelo Branco. They were then taken to hospital after being under observation and without serious injury..

Telma Monteiro has decided to break the silence on this subject: “Yesterday I had a car accident as some of you and friends already know. It was the biggest scare of my life, at one point I really thought it was the end.he confessed.

“But the most important thing is that everything ended in the best way. Luckily, apart from a few bruises and body aches, I’m fine, we’re all fine! I’m passionate about life and I’m extremely grateful to woke up this morning for another day.

The Portuguese judoka, six-time European champion, also left a piece of advice: “It’s just life reminding us once again what a blessing it is to be here and that we can’t leave anything out, nothing left unsaid. It’s too precious to spoil this fantastic trip. Be and do what makes you happy”he said thanking them for the messages they sent him.

Telma Monteiro shared the last photo she took before getting into the van: “I was looking at the photo and thinking ‘what a blessing’, moments before the accident…I still think everything is a blessing”he confided.

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