THE BALL – Accusation of Rui Costa: the eagles attack the CD and target Pepe and FC Porto (Benfica)

Benfica, as A BOLA put forward in its edition this Wednesday, was indignant at the appreciation of the Disciplinary Council (CD) of the Federation in the face of the declarations of President Rui Costa after the match with Gil Vicente, in Luz, that the Reds lost by 1-2.

News Benfica are particularly tough on the CD. “Here he is, yet another, solidifying the idea of ​​the singular, caricatural and worthless character of the team that makes up the Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation, particularly notable for staggering decisions and evaluations, such as those of the fine to the president of Sport Lisboa and Benfica, Rui Costa, and the arguments that support it.

Enough of this (in)Disciplinary Council! It is time to put a stop to this madness,” the note reads.

The President Incarnate was fined €1,150 but it’s the content of the judgment that outrages Benfica, citing Pepe’s recent case:

“Rui Costa said ‘enough is enough’ and was charged with inciting violence. It’s serious. The (In)Disciplinary Board says the word is part of a “dangerous, albeit surreptitious, approach to incitement to violence by supporters”. And, to make matters worse, he refuses to attenuate the services rendered by Rui Costa to football and to the country, the same cities to alleviate the sentence of FC Porto player, Pepe. Bad luck for Rui Costa, who is no longer available to represent the Selection and who, unlike Pepe, does not have many videos published on Youtube with attacks and other misdeeds perpetrated throughout his career.

Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and FC Porto

The CD’s accusations follow, suggesting that it has double standards. “Ultimately, it is the (in)Disciplinary Council itself which incurs ‘the approach, albeit surreptitious, of violent behavior on the part of supporters’. It does this for example by whitewashing, in some cases, the violence on the ground, in others by punishing those who, in the exercise of freedom of expression, legitimately and politely, express their dissatisfaction after a miserable arbitration. It is reminiscent of Robert Louis Stevenson’s work, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. It’s just a shame that this (in)Disciplinary Board seems to meet during the day on some occasions, on other occasions at night, especially when it comes to Benfica.”

The memory remains of episodes involving rivals, namely FC Porto, even if the national champion is not directly mentioned by name: “Finally, saying ‘That’s enough’ is considered to be incitement to violence, what about repeated manifestations of regionalism, violence on the pitch, savage behavior on the pitch after misadventures, assistants at sports venues insulting and attacking players, inflated dolls “hanging” on overpasses, the strange predilection for throwing balls golf courses, stones thrown at cars and buses on the highways, theft of tickets in Tondela, insults to opponents during the festivities, coercion and intimidation of referees at the Centro de Alto Rendimento da Maia, etc., etc., etc.? »

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