THE BALL – Benfica defeats Maia in the first round (Handball)

In an early start to the 29th round, Benfica beat Maia, with great tranquility, by 37-22 (20-12 at halftime) and went top of the Handball1 standings with the same points as FC Porto (79), but one more game. Like Sporting (3rd, 76 pts), which keeps expectations in the air for next Saturday, during the visit of the eagles to the Dragão Arena.

If in the first minutes the northerners still balanced the match, mainly thanks to the action of their goalkeeper Diogo Ribeiro, six minutes without scoring and a partial 3-0 opened the first gap (7-3) which then ended continued until the maximum and 9 goals (17-8), after a new sequence of 3-0 (17-8) which the Lisboètes took advantage of as soon as they could to finish in counter-attack.

And when it wasn’t, or through the six center zone pivots, Petar Djordjic (8) kept the scoreboard running smoothly by scoring 5 of his 6 goals in the 1st half until at the 7 meter bar.

In the 2nd half, and after the hosts had increased the lead to 10 twice (22-12, 26-16), Maia, in particular Hugo Rosário (4), João Carvalho (3) and Tomás Barbosa, eta reduced the gap to 7 (27-20), but the last 13 minutes of the game were completely dominated by Benfica, who played the last game of the season in Luz, often with a numerical advantage due to opponents’ penalties and almost always in physical superiority thanks to the rotation of the bench, but without that having really contributed to improving the level of handball played in these last minutes.

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