THE BALL – Djokovic gave in: “Currently, Alcaraz is the best in the world” (Tennis)

Carlos Alcaraz won the Madrid Masters by beating the German Alexander Zverev (3rd in the ATP ranking). The Spanish tennis player knocked out other established names in the sport such as Rafael Nadal (4th in the ATP ranking) and Djokovic (world number 1) before reaching the final.

Novak Djokovic, before taking action at the Masters 1000 in Rome, spoke of the young Spanish tennis player who has just turned 19: “Alcaraz is different, that’s for sure. He broke a lot of records at such a young age and won two Masters 1000s this year.

For the Serbian tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz is indeed “the best tennis player in the world” and “one of the big favourites” to win Roland Garros.

Djokovic added: “It’s fantastic to have someone young in tennis who challenges the best players and who, at the same time, is humble. I wish you the best and hope that we meet more often on different surfaces.It generates a lot of energy in to researchthat’s why it’s so expensive [pelas pessoas].”

Carlos Alcaraz has given up his presence at the Masters 1000 in Rome to rest and prepare for Roland Garros, which starts in two weeks. Djokovic said it was a “good decision” for the 19-year-old Spanish tennis player.

Rafael Nadal also commented on his compatriot: “I wasn’t at all surprised by what Carlos did, because it’s nothing new. I had already won in Miami and, frankly, it’s not a surprise. I am very happy for him, everyone knows the level of tennis he is capable of reaching. Winning at home is always special. I’m glad my country has found another incredible player who can be trusted for many years to come.”

Carlos Alcaraz has become the first tennis player to consecutively beat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the same tournament on clay.

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