THE BALL – Fábio Pereira talks about a “dream come true” (Liga 3)

Fábio Pereira made, this Friday, the preview of the match with Torreense (Saturday, 6 p.m.), counting for the final of Liga 3. The coach of Oliveirense did not hide his happiness with the fact that the match will be played at the Estádio Nacional.

“Playing in this stadium is always the dream of every player and every coach. It’s true that it’s not the Portuguese Cup final, but it’s the first Liga 3 final and we’re here to our own merit. It’s a dream come true to be able to be on the bench at this stadium”, he explained, recalling one of the moments he spent on this stage: “The main memory that I ‘ai, it’s a game I played for the under-15 team before a Portuguese Cup final between Sporting and FC Porto [1993/94]. I hope to have another happy moment here.

Facing Torreense, Fábio Pereira did not hide his ambition to win the trophy.

“Winning is always our goal and we are aware of the responsibility of the game. It seems to me that the favoritism is 50/50, but we had a very good season and we want to finish in style. We have been very consistent, in the last 10 games we haven’t lost any and we want to maintain the matrix of our game. This series is very good, it’s a different game, a final. spear.

Finally, Fábio Pereira took stock of the season and set his sights on La Liga 2.

“We started very well, we were the first team to win in Liga 3, we managed to achieve the goal that everyone had to be there, so the season was a huge success. Regarding the future, La Liga 2 will bring different difficulties, this one was extremely competitive, but we will have different problems and we will be there to try to solve them”.

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