THE BALL – “From now on, Benfica will no longer be silent” (Benfica)

Benfica sporting director Rui Pedro Braz went public after the game with FC Porto pointing the finger at VAR.

“Another match that has just been in the image of what the season has been, Benfica systematically having more reason to complain than video refereeing. Those who know me try to defend the men doing their job in the field as much as possible. The refereeing team validated the goal, but they were betrayed by their colleague VAR. If that’s why Benfica finished the league in third place, of course not. Benfica, throughout the season, have made mistakes, we know that we have to look inside to be able to fight again for what is Benfica’s true place, but if, next to these mistakes that all the clubs, there are external errors from third parties to harm Benfica so everything becomes more and more difficult,” he said, in statements to BTV.

Darwin’s goal was disallowed, allegedly for a two centimeter offside. “Those in the field make the right decisions, but are betrayed by their colleagues, in the comfort of a control room at the Cité du Football, with the right to rehearsals, slow motion, screens, multiscreens, there in the air-conditioned seats. And these errors, I can not defend. We all know how VAR works! The gentlemen who are part of the Arbitration Council, the FPF and the arbitration teams do not know the protocol better than we do! We know that the timing of the choice of frame is decisive for these types of decisions. It was not a machine, it was João Pinheiro who chose the frame for the ball to go out! Two centimeters? Do people know what two centimeters are? It doesn’t remind anyone! It’s unreal what they’re doing to football in general. The tool is too powerful to be in the hands of such incompetent people. I do not dispute the seriousness and honesty of arbitration professionals, but competence. It was another big mistake and soon to be in the game of awarding the title of national champion. This must change once and for all. Systematically, the target of these errors and disrespect continues to be Benfica.

“Benfica did their job very skillfully, they were superior to FC Porto, they did everything to win the game, they even scored the goal that would give the victory, but unfortunately there was a gentleman in the comfort of the governed at Cidade do Futebol who decided to distort the sporting truth, regardless of the result of the national championship”, he continued in conclusion:

“The last time I spoke about this matter was after the victory at Alvalade, now I do so after the defeat against FC Porto. I was the subject of a disciplinary trial, I know that I will be the subject of another trial again. Raise whatever cases you want, but from now on Benfica won’t be silent in the face of what has been constant disrespect.

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