THE BALL – “I don’t have a manager of those who grab us by the collar and take us to the top” (SC Braga)

In an interview with A BOLA, Carlos Carvalhal, who has just completed his two seasons at SC Braga, spoke about the past, present and future, explaining why after his time at Sporting (2009/2010) , he did not return to the bank of a large in Portugal.

As you close a two-year cycle at SC Braga, what is your assessment of your career so far?
– I am very proud of my career. When I am approached by clubs, everyone asks me the same question: they want to know why I have been in so many clubs. My answer is always the same. There are two ways for a trainer to make his way. One is to have been a great player in a great team and therefore to receive an invitation to train at a high level, which is worthy because the results will support the new career. The other way is mine and it’s completely different. I started in the 3rd division and I had to work at all levels until I arrived in a big one and then abroad. I had the courage to go to Besiktas under very difficult circumstances and had a trip of which I am very proud. I had little help, so it took me a while to get to the top level.

The feeling remains that the passage through Sporting was little known. Is returning to Great a career goal?
– Sporting were in ninth place, almost halfway through the season and unable to compete for the title. We found ourselves in the bedroom. I was very happy to be at Sporting. It was a huge challenge because of the difficulties that were created throughout this half-season. It gave me a lot to grow as a coach. When I thought I wouldn’t have a more complicated job, I found it even worse at Besiktas, another big club. In fact, one day I will write a book about this trip to Turkey. I don’t care where I am. I know that if my teams play well and we achieve the objectives, things can come out. After Rio Ave we moved to SC Braga and now I have no idea what will happen. I don’t have a manager who grabs you by the neck and takes you to the top. Maybe we deserved to be in a big competitive league, but in today’s football that rise doesn’t come so naturally.

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