THE BALL – “I take responsibility for this season and I am not hiding” (Benfica)

Rui Costa spoke this Wednesday at the end of the Corporate event, which took place at the Benfica Campus, in Seixal. In the intervention, the president of the eagles recognized the season below expectations in the main football team.

“This season, if in the Champions League we have made a journey of which, given the circumstances, we are proud, eliminating Spartak Moscow, PSV, Barcelona, ​​Dynamo kyiv and Ajax, breaking only with Liverpool, despite the extraordinary 3-3 draw achieved in England, the truth is that in domestic competitions we were far from what we wanted. I assume it without beating around the bush because it’s my way of being. I assume my responsibilities for this season and I will always assume, without hesitation, what I have to assume. I’m not hiding, I’ll never hide, behind anyone or anything,” said Rui Costa, who gave an update on his job as club president since October. latest.

“When I was elected in October, I was perfectly aware of the immense work that awaited me, to become again the Benfica that we want, and that I have no doubt that we will achieve. We will do everything in our power to make it happen. We, managers, coaches, players and supporters of Benfica, will do our part. And we simply demand that everyone involved in this wonderful sport, all without exception, seriously fulfill their roles and responsibilities,” the Reds leader stressed, guaranteeing that he aspires to a Benfica “that honors its history, winners, who enters the field with the sole objective of doing everything to win.

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