THE BALL – Invited to the Cup final, Ayestarán refused: “I would have preferred there to have been a balance before” (Tondela)

Pako Ayestarán was sacked in March from command of Tondela, with the team already in the Portuguese Cup. In an interview with A BOLA, he reveals that he received an invitation from the club president to be at the Jamor on Sunday, in the final against FC Porto, but refused.

– After your departure, did you follow the career of the team?
– I haven’t seen any more games. It wouldn’t be good for me. The reality of Tondela is to always walk the border and this year would be no different. I preferred to disconnect emotionally.

– Had a strong influence on the course of the Portuguese Cup. The first victory in the semi-finals is always yours. How do you see the presence in the final?
– As I assume my responsibility in the descent, the victories also belong to everyone. We had a very good trajectory, we didn’t lose a single game and the club is going to Jamor with merit. Of course, we were lucky in some games and not finding FC Porto, Sporting or Benfica, I admit, made the way easier. We had difficult matches, but we had a dream that is unlikely to be repeated in Tondela.

– It will be a special game. Have you been invited to be on Jamor?
– We have always talked a lot about this day, the atmosphere created around a final. I had the chance to play twice in Mexico, once in Israel and as an assistant to Rafa Benítez we also achieved great achievements in decisions like this. These are good days and I admit that it is a disappointment not to be able to be on the bench. The president called me to invite me to go to Jamor. I appreciate the care, but I don’t feel comfortable. I wish there had been this balance before, when I left, and not now to be invited to the final.

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