THE BALL – Irritation in the locker room: Lewandowski ‘only wants’ Barcelona (Bayern Munich)

the german newspaper Picture reveals this Wednesday another episode which demonstrates Robert Lewandowski’s desire to head to Barcelona. It all happened in the locker room: the German striker was talking on his mobile phone and, although in Polish, his teammates heard the player repeat the word Barcelona several times. The conversation took place in an irritated tone, which suggests that the 33-year-old striker wants to settle his situation quickly and head to Catalonia.

Joan Laporta, Barcelona president, has already confirmed that negotiations are underway to sign the Pole.

Lewandowski is Laporta’s main target for the next season. The striker finished the season with one of the best marks of his career: 50 goals and 6 assists in 46 games (better than in 2019/2020). On the other hand, the Catalans are having the worst season since 2004/05 in terms of goals scored (86 goals scored).

The number of goals scored by Barcelona has been falling since 2014/15. That season, they swung the nets 181 times, a much higher number than the 86 this year.

Xavi’s side have one more game to play in the Spanish league but to find such a low number of goals you have to go back to 2004/05.

This goalscoring drought has heightened Laporta’s interest in signing a goalscorer and Lewandowski fits that profile. At 33, and with one more year on his contract, the striker could even leave Bayern for Catalonia.

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