THE BALL – “It is with reinforcements like Musa that Benfica’s squad will become stronger” (Benfica)

João Pedro Sousa, currently the coach of Saudi Arabia’s Al Raed, trained Petar Musa at Boavista and rates the striker at A BOLA.

He trained Petar Musa at Boavista, opened the doors of Portuguese football to him. How long have you been following him?
– From Famalicao. That’s when we reported him, we tried to hire him, but Petar took another option. In Boavista, fortunately, there was this possibility. When I started to follow him, I immediately saw that he had very interesting characteristics and that they could decide the matches of Portuguese football. He is what I understand a modern striker should be, very influential in the attacking and also defensive process. He has a very interesting game proposal, whether for a more positional attacking game, or another. When I observed it, I immediately realized that it had characteristics that could make the difference. Additionally, he adds physical and tactical abilities to his goalscoring ability. He is a very intelligent player, who likes to train and who likes to understand the game; and this is fundamental, very important for any coach.

Do you think Musa will be able to respond well to Benfica, a club with higher standards?
– If you really sign, Petar has the conditions to assert itself, to raise this level of requirement, I sincerely believe it. He, being a striker, is also the first of the defenders and this, nowadays, is a very important factor for teams that want and fight for the conquest of titles, as is the case of Benfica. He is, as I said, a very intelligent player, who works a lot in training and works a lot in games. That’s also why I say he’s what I understand a modern striker should be.

But will he be strong enough to emotionally handle the greater exposure that awaits him at Benfica?
– I think so. He is a good boy, in fact he is very shy. He arrived in Portugal very young and has already had to face several challenges, adaptation, including socially. But he likes these challenges, it didn’t take him long to adapt and react. And if it really goes to Benfica, I think the same will happen. I have no doubt that Benfica can recruit an excellent player. And it is with reinforcements like these that Benfica’s squad will be stronger.

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