THE BALL – “João Pinheiro, the undisputed godfather of FC Porto in this championship” (Sporting)

Tito Arantes Fontes, president of the Stromp group, signed a controversial opinion piece in the newspaper Sporting this Thursday, considering referee João Pinheiro “the undisputed godfather of FC Porto in this championship”.

Regarding the goal disallowed against Benfica during the classic against FC Porto, the official considers: “This goal is a metaphor for this championship! A goal invalidated by an “incredible” two centimeters! Who would say? Who has even managed to see – even more so in a moving room – this “microscopic distance”? Well, as usual… hello, your name is João Pinheiro! This time it was this expert tender reviewer known for his ‘smart look’ and ‘lynx look’, who was in VAR! “, he begins by referring, continuing:

“And what did he see… well, he saw those two centimeters that define this Championship! He saw two centimeters that no one can really see and guarantee… Firstly because the ball – in the frame released by Cidade do Futebol/FPF – had already left the foot of the player who threw it deep. But João Pinheiro, it’s already known, we all know it, he sees it very well… so much so that in the match between FCP and SCP, in Dragão, he also saw Coates stepping on Taremi and not Taremi stepping on Coates… Coates and Taremi – represented what had been their prank! – virginally acquitted! It is – let us all be aware – we are witnessing a fantastic and sinister evolution… the “eye of the lynx” has changed into the “eye of the Dragon”! And like João Pinheiro, the undisputed “godfather” of the FCP in this Championship has played and plays this abominable role!”

In the article, Arantes Fontes also pounces on Pinto da Costa. “The president of this club may want to pinch Sporting Clube de Portugal and its president…, but there is a problem… it is that he does not offend, nor pinch anyone! We only allow this even to those we respect…and this gentleman clearly does not! The truth is that in the Championship that matters in Life – the Championship of Principles, Values, Honor and Dignity – we are indeed Winners…and – as far as this gentleman is concerned – by a rout at the ‘Ancient ! And without “fruit”! “, he underlines.

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