THE BALL – Luís Castro gives a lesson in strategy: “I hear ‘oh stupid, put a striker’, but many times I will be stupid” (Botafogo)

Botafogo received and defeated Fortaleza (3-1), in a Brasileirão sixth round match. It was the first victory at home, at the Nilton Santos stadium, and Botafogo even started to lose.

Moisés (14′) gave Fortaleza the lead, but then Erison (42′), Patrick de Paula (89′) and Danilo Borges (90+5′) scored, taking the club to 4th place.

Coach Luís Castro praised the fans’ patience in supporting the team to achieve the comeback. Fortaleza is last, with a draw and 4 defeats.

“The game was confusing, wasn’t it? Difficult, very difficult. We already knew who we were going to play with. We weren’t going to play against the last ranked team, we were going to play with the team that last year was fourth in the Brasileirão and for this season it even got stronger,” Castro said.

The coach also had a curious response when asked why he didn’t put Matheus Nascimento forward on the pitch when the team were at a disadvantage.

“There seem to be some pre-established questions in football: you lose, put in a nine. You win, put in a center. The game often asks for something else. If we don’t scale the game and we put Matheus Nascimento, and we have four ahead, with Diego, Victor, Matheus and Erison, who serves these men? Another instituted question: you hear “oh con, put a scorer”. I will often be stupid. But what about when you do that and you don’t win the game?

Castro made a curious statement a few weeks ago, after a home draw with Juventude, saying the team must learn to play with the support of the fans. This Sunday returned to the theme.

“We also had the help of the fans. At no time did they despair, even in the most difficult moments they supported the team. They understood what we had to do,” he explained, still criticizing the pitch:

“It’s very difficult to do things on this pitch. It’s impossible to play on pitches like this. We have our faults, sometimes we are bad, but I think the pitch is worse than us.

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