THE BALL – Luis Díaz was for 45 M€ but continues to give in to the dragons (FC Porto)

Luis Díaz shines at Liverpool, as he saw in the semi-finals of the Champions League, and the striker’s success interests the coffers of Porto SAD, which will soon be able to contain an additional two million euros, in reference to the goals that the player will achieve and which appear in the contract signed at the time of transfer to the English emblem.

In the agreement reached last January between FC Porto and Liverpool, it was established that the Dragons would receive 45 million euros for the immediate transfer of Luis Díaz to Anfield, but the Porto players would gain added value, which could reach 15 million euros. ., depending on the goals and there are some that the Colombian is about to achieve by the end of this season.

So far, and confirming the ease with which Luis Díaz has integrated and put his quality into practice in the team coached by Jurgen Klopp, he has played 21 games. In other words, he is only four minutes away from achieving one of the goals that immediately earn FC Porto players a million euros and, if there are no physical or of punishment, it will be difficult for him not to exceed the objective fixed in the contracts concluded.

Until the end of this season, Liverpool still have six games to play, four are for the Premier League, the others in the Champions League final and the FA Cup.

The other million euros is already assured, because it depended on the qualification of the reds for the Champions 2022/2023. Given the position mathematically assured by the Liverpool team in the standings, the goal no longer escapes.

Later is the million euros that the whites and blues can receive for the 15 goals scored by Luis Díaz. At the moment, the Colombia international has a handful of accurate shots, but the 25-year-old striker has already proven he is capable of breaking all records.

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