THE BALL – Moreirense takes the dam; Tondela and Belenenses SAD in Liga 2 (Liga)

Moreirense has gained a new life. Ricardo Sá Pinto’s team received and beat Vizela (4-1), on the 34th and final day of the championship, thus guaranteeing a place in the play-off with the third-placed team in Liga 2 (it could be that of Rio Ave, Casa Pia or Chaves).

Bad afternoon for Tondela. Beira’s team even took the lead in terms of accounts, but the draw with Boavista (2-2), pushed Nuno Campos’ team to 16th place and the first relegation of Tondela’s record, came a first time in Ligue 1. in 2015/16.

Last classified at the start of the day, Belenenses SAD did not go beyond a draw against Arouca (0-0) and did not escape the red lantern. The Blues will also play in Liga 2 for next season.

See the final ranking for the last three places:

Team Games Tasks
16.Moreirense (dam) 34 29
17.Tondela (demoted) 34 28
18. Belenenses SAD (demoted) 34 26

Review the main incidents of matches and live matches:

Arouca – Belenenses SAD
Tondela – Boavista

Moreirense – Vizela

Here are the possible scenarios of the three teams at the start of the afternoon:

tondela (at the start of the last lap with 27 points) guarantees the play-off if:

– Defeat Boavista;

– Draw with Boavista and Moreirense not win;

– Losing to Boavista and Moreirense and Belenenses SAD were also beaten in their respective matches;

– Will be relegated if they are beaten at reception in chess and Moreirense and/or Belenenses SAD win.

Moreirense (at the start of the last lap with 26 points) guarantees the play-off if:

– Beat Vizela and Tondela do not win against Boavista;

– Draw with Vizela, Tondela loses with Boavista (he has an advantage in direct confrontation) and Belenenses SAD does not win;

They are relegated if they lose to Vizela or Tondela beats Boavista;

Belenenses SAD (at the start of the last lap with 25 points) guarantees the play-off if:

– Beat Arouca, Tondela loses to Boavista and Moreirense can’t get more than a draw with Vizela.

He is relegated if he draws or loses with Arouca, and if he wins as well as the other two rivals.

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