THE BALL – Morita: The Lions are impatient with Santa Clara (Sporting)

Ricardo Pacheco, president of Santa Clara, is indignant at the inefficiency of the Azorean board of directors of SAD to close the transfer of 27-year-old Japanese midfielder Hidemasa Morita to Sporting.

The situation, A BOLA knows, also causes some wear and tear in Alvalade, since the agreement between the parties is established… but the essential is still missing: the signatures.

Having himself been the leader of the club, which, at the request of the SAD administration, resumed negotiations with the lions, and the parties reached an agreement – in the negotiation process Sporting even agreed to increase the offer for the player from €3.5m to €3.8m, values ​​which can however reach €4.5m thanks to the achievement of objectives – the documentation has even been handed over to the legal department of Santa Clara, as A BOLA reported at the time, but pending the process.. . is at a standstill.

“The club has already taken a stand. If it were up to the club, the situation was already over, for the good of Santa Clara, the player and Sporting. Honestly, SAD has to decide. Things are or they are not”, says Ricardo Pacheco, to A BOLA, aware that he has made a good deal for the Azoreans:

“I conducted the negotiation at the request of the administration and practically doubled the initial conditions. The case was forwarded to the SAD, who forwarded it to litigation, as is normal in these situations, so the case should have already been resolved. And there are many ! We had more than enough time to put everything in black and white.

Ricardo Pacheco admits to being “angry”. “I don’t want the idea that the club has decided anything. The club has done its job. I don’t understand why they don’t close Morita”, he reinforces, recalling that the Azoreans have helped from many players to take the plunge:

Problems in the Azores SAD
In this process, and given the inaction of the Santa Clara administration, Ricardo Pacheco raises other questions. “I don’t know if there may be a shareholder who is about to sell shares, but the commitments must be kept,” he comments, awaiting clarification: “SAD must say something about it, because it is he who has the competence to sell or to buy. The club, as I said, does not understand this situation. I only understand in one possible board configuration scenario. But I only know what was said in the newspapers about it.

Ricardo Pacheco wants to know what is happening so that the company does not move forward and recalls that SAD has other relevant reasons to explain itself: “Santa Clara holds 40% of SAD’s shares and, above all, is supported by the regional government. It bears the name of the Azores to the whole world. It should be treated differently by shareholders. If a process of alienation of a part or the majority of the SAD is in progress, the club and the Government must know it. They have to give explanations! “.

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