THE BALL – Mourinho regrets thinking about the Conference League final (Rome)

Despite the draw with already relegated Venice, Roma fans hailed the team in what was the final game of the season at the Olympic Stadium. There followed a trip to Turin, on the last day of Serie A, before traveling to Albania to discuss the Conference League final with Feyenoord on the 25th.

“We thank the fans for their support. I think they know we gave it our all, if we didn’t do better it’s because we couldn’t. I have only seen stadiums like this when teams win the league. We will continue to thank them and promise them that we will always give our all, as we did today even without being able to win an important game,” José Mourinho told the Sky Italy At the end of the match.

“We know we have two more games to come, each with a different meaning. I consider the last one to be the most important, we are going to Tirana with the aim of winning the Conference League,” he added.

The Portuguese also recalled the difficulties that the team is going through, considering that, for the championship, there are still accounts to be defined, namely the qualification for European competitions.

“It’s not easy. As we saw today, every time we change three, four players, we immediately encounter difficulties. Players like Pellegrini, Cristiante, Tammy Abraham or Smalling, who play all the time. We’re on the alert. And Feyenoord is already on vacation, so we’re in this situation where we have to fight for every point. That’s what we have to do in the game with Torino, we hope have the mental toughness we need.

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