THE BALL – Paulo Sousa’s businessman attacks Jorge Jesus and recalls “failure” at Benfica (Flamengo)

Hugo Cajuda, Paulo Sousa’s coach, considered Jorge Jesus’ statements to the Brazilian press, in which the coach expressed his desire to return to Flamengo training, to be totally inappropriate. In the press release, the agent even recalls the “failure” of Jorge Jesus on his return to Benfica, having won no title.

“The (lack of) shame comes out in the street

Unsurprisingly, we have witnessed another deplorable moment, that of someone whose only being bothered and desperate can reveal such a lack of ethics, respect and professionalism. Despite his long history, the aforementioned person manages to climb many levels in yet another shameful episode.

It is the continuity of the “I” that always overlaps the “we”, of using the pandemic, such a serious problem, to justify disasters, like what happened at Benfica, or to justify leaving of Flamengo a few days after renewal and at a delicate moment for the club. Vindications and apologies should be given to Benfica fans, for seeing 150 million euros spent to win zero titles.

This person reveals a complete lack of feelings towards the Flamengo institution, contrary to what he claims, because the attempt to destabilize a “friendly” club in this way is unacceptable.

It is an unprecedented attack on colleagues and compatriots, but more than that it is an attack on the class of professional football coaches, an attack on ethics and dignity.

We are grateful for the many contacts made by coaches and other professionals in the world of football, especially those working in Brazil, who have come to express to us their total rejection of this situation with which they do not see themselves.

It should be an obligation for people with this notoriety to have exemplary behaviors sending positive messages to the world, instead of what we are witnessing.

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