THE BALL – “Pedro Martins is ready for the Premier League” (Olympiakos)

After winning the third championship in the service of Olympiakos, coach Pedro Martins is named as one of the contributors to the success of the Greek team.

In an interview with the newspaper LogDaniel Podence and José Sá, both players from Wolwerhampton, to whom they transferred after representing Olympiakos, spoke about their compatriot and made an interesting revelation.

“He is ready, even though Olympiakos are a big club compared to most Premier League teams. The quality that exists here will not be a problem for him and he will have good results,” said Podence, the goalkeeper reiterating the idea: “He is prepared for this and for big flights. He deserves it for what he has done all these years at Olympiakos.

The players highlighted the 52-year-old coach’s methodology, talked about the relationship with the athletes and also hinted at its importance for success.

“What makes him special is his way of leading. The relationship with the players, the fact that he knows and understands everything that happens to them, but also the intelligence with which he prepares for matches. As a personality, he is humble, straightforward and easily approachable,” explained Podence.

“Rock [Martins] like footballers who like to work. He can and does get the best from each of his players and, in turn, they help the team as much as they can,” José Sá added.

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