THE BALL – Pinto da Costa clarifies the future of Sérgio Conceição (FC Porto)

In an interview with Porto Canal after winning FC Porto’s 30th league title, Pinto da Costa addressed Sérgio Conceição’s future. The leader of the dragons felt that there was no reason to consider the departure of the current trainer.

“The continuity of the coach is not a problem, because he has a two-year contract and he has always said that he wants to stay, to fulfill the contract, so it is not a problem. The season will not be not prepared through the newspapers like others do, but in our offices with the greatest description possible. What is needed is that we all stick together, leaders, athletes, coaches, fans, who are also very important. The show that the club has given in the last few days, in Lisbon and later here in Porto, has been fantastic. I’m sure that next Saturday, I believe the match will be Saturday, with Estoril we will start again. In the final of Cup, since two clubs, one from the north and the other from the center, have to go to Lisbon to play, at least we filled this Jamor stadium, which is usually in a hurry. mosquitoes because there is no place for them,” he said.

And finally, Pinto da Costa has already set his sights on new achievements.

“The next season is already in preparation. Sérgio Conceição is already thinking about the Portuguese Cup, but I still have other goals, in volleyball, in handball… As president of all sports, recognizing that football is the great passion of all FC Porto players , my intention is to win titles in all . In football, the Cup is the next goal to achieve the double, and when the Cup is over, we will immediately think of the Super Cup”, he concluded.

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