THE BALL – Portuguese Cup: the ‘rivals’ launch the last derby together (Futsal)

The Multiusos de Sines will be, tomorrow, Saturday, at 8 p.m., the stadium of the 24th final of the Portuguese Cup, between Benfica and Sporting, after having served, this Friday, futsal players Afonso Jesus and Pany Varela to preview the meeting, during a joint press conference.

“We already know each other quite well, players, coaches, what everyone does and does not do. The intensity with which you play a derby, with each movement, is very important. Sometimes it’s in the dead ball, other times only in situations of inferiority or numerical superiority. But I think the important thing is to get into the game. We have the intensity at maximum levels and we give everyone a great show because I think we have the opportunity to play a Cup final, to be a derby is what everyone wants to play, it is to reach this level, at the top of the peaks. I think that above all we must respect this fact and do our best”, began by saying Afonso Jesus, Benfica fixed.

“We knew there was no room for ease and that’s how we faced the two games that gave us the passport to this grand final. Obviously good performances give confidence, but here it’s not just confidence. I played a lot of derbies, luckily I played a lot of matches worthy of titles, luckily I feel calm too, ”said Pany Varela, the Sporting winger.

It should be remembered that, so far, nine teams have won the trophy, and it will be so, as Sporting have won the cup eight times, followed by Benfica (seven), Fundação José Antunes (two), Fundão, Belenenses, SL Olivais, Correio da Manhã, Instituto D. João V and Miramar.

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