THE BALL – Ricardo Pacheco incredulous at the situation of Mário Silva (Santa Clara)

The declarations of Mário Silva, coach of Santa Clara, after the match against Sporting, left Ricardo Pacheco, president of the Azores, speechless. At the time, the coach said he was free, taking the manager completely by surprise, as well as the mass of associations, which created empathy with the young coach.

When asked if he would stay in the Azores next season, Mário Silva said: “From what I’ve read [saída], Yes. Unfortunately, we have no official information. I will always carry Santa Clara fans in my heart. What happened? I was offered to renew, I said I would only renew when maintenance was mathematically guaranteed. All that was missing was the signature of the manager, who gave a “deadline” until yesterday. And we didn’t sign […] For me, and I will die thus, more than the signature is worth the word. That’s how my humble parents taught me.

Ricardo Pacheco commented on the situation and congratulated Mário Silva. “We were decisive in choosing Mário Silva, the ideal man for Santa Clara. In March, we ask for its urgent renewal. The administration told us about this renewal and now Mário Silva explained that he was never signed. I hope they can reconnect with him, who has always been correct, honest and absolutely exemplary. He scored and the club needs serious people,” he said.

And he has no doubt: “It would be with great joy that the Azoreans would receive the news of its continuity. I believe in common sense. The club did not know that the renewal was not signed, but the words of Mário Silva were enlightening…”.

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