THE BALL – Sérgio Conceição addresses the issue of continuity with an eye on the next trophy (FC Porto)

Sérgio Conceição has two more years of connection with FC Porto and said he was not thinking about contract issues at a time when he still had the Portuguese Cup ahead of him.

“It’s appetizing [vencer este título] and the most appetizing will always be the next. The next goal. Right now we are talking about the Portuguese Cup and it will be the main one right now. For coaches, one way to take advantage of the last title is to think about the next one. I don’t want to devalue anything, but my way of being is a bit like that. I have a slightly more nostalgic way of approaching victory. I generally relax with what I have conquered, but very focused on what is to come, that is to say the Portuguese Cup, in Jamor”, he said in an interview with the Expresso podcast. da Manhã, from the newspaper Expresso.

Note that Conceição does not talk about the next championship, a possible sign that it does not continue, but the coach corrected:

“It has nothing to do with it. [continuar], has to do with the way of being, with what concentration and focus is. I still have two years on my contract. Obviously today’s coaches never know tomorrow, but that doesn’t matter to me. People’s will is the most important thing, but I don’t even think about it, I think it’s not the most important thing. The important thing right now is to concentrate, to work with the team, that’s what I do every day. If you have a different speech, I am not consistent with what I say to my working group. The rest will be for after the Portuguese Cup,” he said.

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