THE BALL – Sérgio Conceição stops the euphoria (FC Porto)

There’s no FC Porto player who doesn’t want to see FC Porto celebrate another title this season, preferably in the heart of the Estádio da Luz, not only because the matter would be definitely resolved but also – and no one can deny it – because celebrating on the ground of a historic rival like Benfica has a special taste. In the memory of the blue and white supporters, the night the team won in Luz with André Villas-Boas is alive and well and the party took place in the dark and with the irrigation system activated. With or without these contingencies, FC Porto players want to score in the next round and fill the Allies again next Saturday, in a moment of consecration to which many aspire.

Internally, it is obvious that the feeling is the same. The team is 100% determined to win the title immediately, avoiding postponing the decision to the last round of the championship, but Sérgio Conceição does not want euphoria and tries to boil water.

In this context, the coach has left a warning in recent days to his players and to the various services of the club (in particular with regard to everything relating to relations and communication with the outside world), in the sense that no one send no signs of celebration before that can happen. In other words, Sérgio Conceição wants his team to be fully focused on the classic, with the firm aim of getting a result that serves his goals, avoiding any factor of possible distractions.

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